Hello World

Hello and welcome to the first ever blog post by Rhubarb the Bird.
The site has been live for four months, so I thought now was the right time to write my first blog. Plus, I have made a goal to write a blog every month, I really must crack on!
So, here goes…
How did the name come about?
Where does ‘Rhubarb the Bird’ come from I hear you ask? Well… I wanted a name that had meaning and was personal. Then one evening, after struggling to think of a name for weeks, craving a snack (lightbulb moment) that was it, Rhubarb the Bird was created. Through three of my pregnancies I craved Rhubarb and Custard sweets - I just couldn’t get enough! Who doesn’t love traditional sweets?!
“Bird”… This is thanks to my Dad. Whenever my children would get upset he would distract them by searching for birdies in the garden. Even now, before my daughter goes to sleep, we have to say goodnight to the birds.
What was I doing before starting Rhubarb the Bird?
Until seven months ago I was working in distribution before going on maternity leave. But my dream has always been to be my own boss. I thought there was no better time to take that step whilst I was on maternity leave. Since January it has been a whirlwind of activities including designing the website, searching for products and learning all about how business actually works. Rhubarb the Bird is now up and running and this is the most exciting stage for me.
Where do I see Rhubarb Going?
My vision for Rhubarb the Bird is to become the ‘go to’ website for everyday clothes and accessories for your little ones. We offer beautiful, great quality products and a website where friends, family and parents can find a gift for their little ones in their life. I am also developing the Rhubard the Bird brand in the next few months, so please keep an eye out on our social media pages and website.
My Family
My inspiration comes from my three girls, Mia (8) Erin (2) Nala (7 Months) they are full of smiles, energy and excitement, our bundles of loveliness, who provide daily entertainment while being a complete handful at the same time - who’s little one doesn’t! My passion is to find a happy life/work balance for our little family.
My gorgeous partner, Ed. He’s given me so much support and advice. I’m sure at times he would like to hide away from my bombardment of questions of an evening including “do you like this design?” and “what about this?” but deep down I know he loves being a part of our family run business.
So, that’s all about us! I’m really interested to hear any thoughts you may have on our products, offers and website and please get in touch if you have feedback or questions via hello@rhubarbthebird.com or you can find us on Facebook and Instagram.
Thank you so much for reading!
Elisha x


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